Badia LinkRenamer
Batch Renaming and Relinking of Picture Links

NOTE: LinkRenamer is now part of BigPicture for QuarkXPress 9 and Adobe InDesign CS5.x/CS6. Download HERE

Badia LinkRenamer allows you to batch rename and automatically relink all picture links within a document in one single step. Use LinkRenamer to standardize link names, add descriptive wording, insert project labels, or remove unwanted characters. Once you create your custom naming scheme, LinkRenamer renames all picture files in the Finder and then updates the appropriate QuarkXPress links.

Conditional Renaming: Powerful Filtering Rules in 'Plain English'
The conditional renaming option allows you to rename only images that fall within a certain pattern. For example, you can use expressions such as '
Picture name Contains', 'Picture type is not' or 'Picture name ends with .tif'. Optionally, you can make the filtering case-sensitive, and apply the renaming to a specified page range. You then specify where to insert the new name. You can, for example, choose to delete the matching phrase, insert the new name before or after the matching phrase or at the beginning or end of the old name.

Customizable Name Fields
To build the new name, use a combination of the 3 name component fields. Each field allows you to choose from: old picture name, a combination of the Project and Layout names, the picture's page or section number, an automatic serial number, or any custom text. For page or serial numbers, you can add leading zeros to complete a certain number of digits. For serial numbers, you can specify start and step values, format (numbers, all cap letters or small cap letters), and whether to reset the serial number after each page. LinkRenamer can also append the appropriate picture file type (i.e. '.eps') at the end of the name.

Picture List: Before and After at a Glance
LinkRenamer shows you in real time the entire picture list with every picture's old and new name so you know in advance exactly how each will be renamed. It also indicates whether you have missing links, duplicate file names, picture occurrences, illegal characters, whether the picture has been ruled out by the conditional rename, and the total number of pictures to be renamed.

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LinkRenamer 2.0 requires QuarkXPress 7 and OS X 10.4.2 or later (including Leopard).
Older versions of LinkRenamer also support QuarkXPress 6, 5 and 4, as well as Mac OS 9.

Features mentioned here are for LinkRenamer version 2.0 and may be different or not available in earlier versions. Refer to the user guides provided with the installer downloads for complete specifications.

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